Spam in my WordPress comments… “wot is point are you acheeving thankly”
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Spam in my WordPress comments… “wot is point are you acheeving thankly”

We have spam filters on email and WordPress does a good job of eliminating much of the worst. But still some gets through.But you have to wonder exactly what they think they are achieving when you get comments like this: Paragraph writing is also a excitement, if you be acquainted with afterward you can write … Continue reading

QR codes and iPad drag exhibitors out of the dark ages @eventprodshow #eps13 #ipad
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QR codes and iPad drag exhibitors out of the dark ages @eventprodshow #eps13 #ipad

The Event Production Show, which kicks off today at Olympia in London, is the exhibition for exhibitors, so you’d expect it to be at the cutting edge of event technology. But this is a world first. “Can I scan your badge,  Sir?”  Doh!! Traditionally the “badge and lead retrieval” systems provided by the event organisers … Continue reading

Standing in the fire hose of data: drowning or refreshing?
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Standing in the fire hose of data: drowning or refreshing?

Big Data is a great topic. Everyone recognises the rise the volumes of data being generated by individuals, systems and devices. There are some fabulous headline figures about data. It is the journalists, analyst and bloggers dream. IT vendors are jumping onto the bandwagon and any analysis and reporting capability they have is being rapidly … Continue reading

Business is Social – the script according to’s Benioff
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Business is Social – the script according to’s Benioff

If you were one of the 90,000 who attended Dreamforce you would have been swept away in the energy and euphoria that is the machine. Who couldn’t be. It is now the largest tech conference with 800 sessions, 350 partners and big name bands. And now has a run rate of $3bn per … Continue reading

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So the cloud changes everything? Doh! But not how you expected it to. #bpm

A recent question How do you think the cloud will change BPM? raised by eBizQ got a flurry of conflicting answers. Part of the problem is back to the definition of BPM (process discovery vs process automation vs operations platform). Some of it is possibly a theoretical perspective on  the cloud – the “It is just … Continue reading

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Let’s toast the new world of work. Make mine a Martini.

In the 1970s and 80s the drinks company made famous the phrase “Any time, any place, any where – it’s a wonderful drink you can share, Martini” For the last 40 years the Martini stripes have been on motor racing winners, from Formula 1 to World Rallying. They have now moved on and their marketing … Continue reading

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Who was conceived first – Lotus Notes or Mark Zuckerberg? #facebook #ibm #notes #salesforce

Mark Benioff came up with a great quote at Dreamforce – “Lotus Notes was conceived before Mark Zuckerberg was”.  Great sound byte.  Really makes an impact.  But before I used it I thought I’d check out the facts, which are below. So Marc B was wrong by about 5 years.  But let’s not let fact … Continue reading

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Social marketing = engagement Doh! #vw #stellaartois #fun #social

I remember when TV was worth watching.  But it was expensive to make “good-telly”.  Then came game shows which were cheap but lacked audience pull.  Then reality TV arrived which was the perfect answer;  cheap and more addictive than game shows. Some simply naff, some fun, some highbrow – Big Brother, So you think you … Continue reading

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We are an SMB business. BPM is an expensive unnecessary overhead. #bpm #iso27001

An interesting question on the eBizQ website this morning got me thinking. “If BPM is so necessary, how come so many 100 to 300 people organizations do fine without it?” There is a process maturity curve which starts at the bottom end with low process (BPM) maturity which is a stage called Heroics. Many of … Continue reading

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SocialBPM software will not change behaviour #bpm #social #noss

At last some solid, researched advice Social Media: It’s About New Behaviors Not New Technologies [link for Gartner clients] from  Anthony J. Bradley at Gartner which is not social media / bubble hype.  For those of you who are not Gartner clients and cannot see the full report the summary is: After examining over 200 … Continue reading

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Why the iPad is becoming a hit for business #iPad #BPM #cloud

Here is a story from this morning’s meeting at a client who is considering using Nimbus Control for process mapping , management and global deployment.  The client has over 250,000 employees and the meeting was with the SVP Operations who reports to the CEO, plus their team.  So a pretty important meeting. Last week one … Continue reading

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Garter: SaaS ERP reduces only part of implementation effort #NOSS #erp #crm

Recent Gartner research by Christian Hestermann titled SaaS ERP Only Reduces Part of the Effort Needed to Implement and Operate Your ERP spells out what many of us involved in ERP implementations have known for a long time.  Hence the #NOSS tag (No Shit Sherlock) Just because the application (ERP, CRM or other line of … Continue reading