CRM = Customer Rejection Management #crm #crmfail #customerservice
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CRM = Customer Rejection Management #crm #crmfail #customerservice

Every major organization has some form of customer call center. You may have renamed yours “contact center.” They are manned by staff that are trained, tooled-up with technology and incentivized to support customers. The center is critical because it drives long term sales and protects repeat revenue. It may even be considered a “profit center.” … Continue reading

Gartner releases iBPMS Magic Quadrant; Confused? You should be. #bpms #bpm
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Gartner releases iBPMS Magic Quadrant; Confused? You should be. #bpms #bpm

Gartner has been keen to stress that the iBPMS is not a natural evolution of the BPMS Magic Quadrant. Over a year ago Gartner suggested in research reports that IBO (Intelligent Business Operations) was the way forward-thinking clients would run their businesses. And with that in mind, the iBPMS is the technology platform that supports … Continue reading

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We’ve been bent over and bankered at a cost of £46,774 per person

The current Barclays scandal has gathered momentum and has now gone way beyond “it had insufficient business controls” as the recent Guardian article today, Barclays Libor scandal: how can we change banking culture? spells out in graphic detail. The UK population has been well and truly bankered. To sum up the excellent article According to … Continue reading

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Process Governance is Competitive Advantage #bpm #governance #compliance

For some industries governance is not optional such as Food and Pharma who are regulated by the FDA, or banking who are regulated by the FSA.  Arguably every US company is highly regulated due to SarBox, but the penalties for non-compliance are less painful so it is taken less seriously.  The FDA imposes punitive fines … Continue reading