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Smart Casual – how to avoid getting frocked up #culture #funny #dresscode

Relaxed, yet professional We at Nimbus are ‘relaxed, yet professional’ and that hasn’t really changed since being acquired by TIBCO. That’s what our staff tell us. That’s what our clients tell us. That’s the exact wording in our company values statement . In the office, from the CEO down we wear jeans, polo shirts and … Continue reading

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Let’s toast the new world of work. Make mine a Martini.

In the 1970s and 80s the drinks company made famous the phrase “Any time, any place, any where – it’s a wonderful drink you can share, Martini” For the last 40 years the Martini stripes have been on motor racing winners, from Formula 1 to World Rallying. They have now moved on and their marketing … Continue reading

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Social marketing = engagement Doh! #vw #stellaartois #fun #social

I remember when TV was worth watching.  But it was expensive to make “good-telly”.  Then came game shows which were cheap but lacked audience pull.  Then reality TV arrived which was the perfect answer;  cheap and more addictive than game shows. Some simply naff, some fun, some highbrow – Big Brother, So you think you … Continue reading

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SocialBPM software will not change behaviour #bpm #social #noss

At last some solid, researched advice Social Media: It’s About New Behaviors Not New Technologies [link for Gartner clients] from  Anthony J. Bradley at Gartner which is not social media / bubble hype.  For those of you who are not Gartner clients and cannot see the full report the summary is: After examining over 200 … Continue reading

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Too many ways to message me… (or am I just getting old)?

Social Media is great, and I am sure we can all cite examples where it has benefitted us, but there now seems to be too many ways that someone can communicate with me (apart from letter, postcard, phone call or in person).  So rather than “communicate” – maybe I should say “message me”.  Actually, the … Continue reading

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Brace yourself: Gen Y are entering the world of work

New generations of end users are emerging from schools and colleges. They have grown up around technology that is now ubiquitous. It has driven a very different lifestyle and expectation, and many of the technologies have emerged since the year 2000. They are in for a big shock. They don’t need to go the London … Continue reading

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With the internet, our past is now written in pen not pencil

My raucous (and sometimes embarrassing)  student life  is captured on some photos that are probably lying curled up in some shoebox in an attic, not stored and backup on hard disks around the world. Not so for the current generation whose lives are on full display. So has privacy disappeared?  Gartner thinks so. “According to … Continue reading