Ambush marketing. Way cheaper, way cooler and way more fun than BIG BUCKS marketing
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Ambush marketing. Way cheaper, way cooler and way more fun than BIG BUCKS marketing

You could pay a “kings ransom” or “an arm and a penis” for the marketing rights to a huge event, such as the Olympics. Or you can spend time thinking and being creative. Something that is being called guerrilla or ambush marketing. It won’t make you popular with the organiser or the main sponsors but … Continue reading

Social media changes everything – including the marketing department
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Social media changes everything – including the marketing department

Everything is different Like most things everything in life, getting results requires purposeful practice. Getting social media right is no different. Sure the world of social media is still evolving. But one thing is clear is that marketing can no longer “control the conversation”, it must “join the conversation”. Which requires a completely different set of … Continue reading

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Social Media is here to stay for consumers but the business is still establishing the real requirements

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, 4Square et al) are now at the heart of consumers’ lives. And now their corporate equivalents are rapidly making inroads into corporations.  But there is a fundamental difference between consumer requirements and those of enterprises. Social media for consumers is like a chat “down the pub”. It is a great way … Continue reading

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Understanding Social BPM (or at least setting some context) #socbiz #social #bpm

Often the problem with widespread adoption of anything is ‘what is it called’ and ‘what will it do for me’. Social software in the enterprise and particularly when related to BPM, coined SocialBPM is in this camp. Nimbus does not sell a social software platform, but has implemented a 3rd party application internally and is … Continue reading

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Why social technology is lipstick on a pig #bpm #socialbpm

Companies entire BPM approaches are being built on staff collaborating to improve processes.  Some critical elements to this –          Process mapping application supports live workshops rather than detracts from workshop. –          Process content displayed via end user web application that has collaborative capabilities (social) when allow discussion linked to a process, document, metric. –          There … Continue reading

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SocialBPM – the faster we go, the further we go in different directions? #social #bpm #socialbpm

Social + BPM seems like a winning combination. Technology is enabling collaboration to improve processes and get the job done spanning geographical, time and inter-company barriers. Think of it as a form of crowd sourcing. Engaging customers, companies and suppliers  – the entire end to end process – to deliver better results. Nirvana (innovation and … Continue reading

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Supercharged research on SocialBPM from Gartner #gartner #social #bpm

SocialBPM has emerged rapidly and inevitably the BPM software vendors have been quick put their marketing spin on their product. This is an unformed and uninformed space. But Elise Olding and Carol Rozwell at Gartner have clearly been thinking long  and hard about what SocialBPM means. So firstly their definition of Social BPM: “Social BPM” … Continue reading

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What the f**k does social media have to do with BPM?

Why the expletives and asterisks?   It was promoted by the excellent presentation by Brand Infiltration called  “What the F**k is Social Media NOW?” which you can read below.  It has some stats that make you just lean back and say “F**k”. But what is important is the conclusion: “Social media is redefining everything, including how … Continue reading