I read a lot about going green these days.  In fact it is pretty difficult to miss it.  Oil companies changing themselves to energy companies. Car companies pushing more and more efficient cars, electric cars, hybrid cars. Even Sky keeps telling me to switch my TV off rather than leave it on standby.

The Government not wanting to be outdone is spending millions printing and distributing booklets telling people how to save the planet. Surely NOT printing and distributing them would help save trees and transport costs?

But all of this is effort is a small rounding error compared with the waste of resources caused by our local council who leave the street lighting in our small town on all night. The whole town is lit up like a Christmas tree, and from midnight when the pubs empty to 6am no-one benefits. In fact we have had to put thicker curtains in all the bedrooms to ensure we and the children get a decent night’s sleep.

So where do bananas come in?   Have you ever seen a single banana in a bunch which is larger or riper than the rest? No.  Nature is telling us something here.  All the bananas ripen at the same speed.  So they are all kept consistent. Energy is expended equally across all the bananas to grow and ripen them.

So surely our Local Council should be thinking and applying its green approach across ALL the departments equally. IT working on server virtualization and lower energy PCs. Facilities on low wattage bulbs and reducing need for air conditioning. Street lighting working out how to switch off some or all of the street lights.

So they are wasting the planet’s resources and wasting our local tax – but at least I have enough light to write this blog at 4:30am


One thought on “Going Green and bananas

  1. It’s all about habits really – jnd bad habits at that. I like to think of habits as conditioned processes – a process that we perform for so long we forget of it as a habit and just do it. We need fresh eyes to question the status quo, to challenge, make change and then…maybe we’ll start to save the planet…

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