The CIO has a dramatically different role from 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago. The 3 ‘C’s are a constant concern and set against  backdrop of reduced budgets.  What was ‘do more with less’ has become ‘do more with nothing’. So what are the 3 ‘C’s?

  • Compliance which covers everything from data security to SOX.
  • Consumerisation where every business user is also a consumer so expects Web2.0 style apps to be delivered to any and every device; PC, Mac, iPad or Smartphone – just like at home
  • Cloud apps are enabling business users to sidestep IT in something I have been calling the Stealth Cloud in recent presentations.

So I have started a research project to write a new book (my 6th!!) called The Mind of the CIO.

This is a book aimed at every CIO and aspiring CIO. Based on extensive research and interviews with the world’s leading CIOs it looks at the key leadership and personality traits of the uber-CIO, the CIO that every person in an IT organisation can aspire to be, the role model, and what sets them apart from the disaster stories. The CIO that every person in an IT organisation can aspire to be. A role model.

They CIOs have a unique set of challenges. Some would say an unenviable job. Can they beat the odds which are stacked against them when – the career expectancy is just 18 months? Why do some succeed and others fail? What is in store for them as the pace of technological change accelerates? Some predict that Cloud Computing will make the CIO a relic of the past like the Electricity Director of the 1930’s Industrial Revolution.

How do they balance their time, energy and resources? How do they think? How do they allocate their time? What is the proportion of visionary thinking, technology strategy and ‘keeping the lights on’? How important are business vs technology skills? How do they make decisions? Who do they associate, network and work with and why?

And the most important career question– where did they come from and where are they aiming?

This book is fascinating and critically important as it gets inside the mind of the most protected member of the C-suite. Under constant bombardment from the IT vendors hawking the latest and greatest tech, they give their time sparingly.

So if you want to contribute or know a true role model for the new CIO please let me know  at  mindof


One thought on “Inside the Mind of the CIO

  1. Hi Ian

    I know this is not the direction for your book, but I wonder to what extent the same types of pressures are being applied to marketing directors/CMOs?

    Anyway…I do know a CIO that might have some interesting thoughts around the 3Cs. I’ll send him a link to this page.

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