Jim Sinur at Gartner wrote a great blog whilst thinking about the recent earthquake in San Francisco.  It promoted some debate and a great point from Colin Teuber that Twitter is driven by people and theri perceptions:

My first reaction when I felt the earthquake was to visit http://quake.usgs.gov/, where real-time earthquake event data is displayed on a map. (I was trying to determine whether it was an earthquake or a large truck had backed into my apartment building). Twitter can’t tell you whether there has been an earthquake – it will tell you whether people THINK there has been an earthquake, and their untrained estimate of its magnitude, what their dog did, whether their dishes broke, etc.

So not ideal.  But it does make you start thinking beyond Twitter.   Nimbus is a Salesforce.com partner and therefore their recent launch of Chatter has got us considering ways that Nimbus Control’s collaborative BPM capabilities could automatically send tweets into Chatter. But equally well it could send a tweet into Twitter or Yammer.

These tweets would be based on some rules, events or notifications.

– a process improvement suggestion has been made about a process diagram
– a metric/KPI threshold has been breached
– a sign-off of a key business control has not completed
– a mandatory acknowledgement of a process change has been escalated
– a new or updated Storyboard (end to end flow through a process) is available on the iPad/iPhone

Think of Twitter-like capabilities, not as new, but improved ways of collaborating


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