Having spent over a month with my new iPad (16GB wifi) I realise I don’t want it. `Sure it is sexy and cool. It gets you noticed and makes you feel special.  But like any grounded celeb will tell you, the novelty wears off quickly. I don’t want strangers, no matter how attractive, coming up to me and wanting to play.

But that is not why I don’t want it.  At work I am a ‘power user’. I write books and white papers, I give presentations, I tweet and blog   So the bluetooth keyboard has made like immeasurably better.  But I cannot review and update that MSWord document I was emailed. I cannot quickly develop a presentation pulling pictures from my huge library of images.

So the iPad is great for short documents – email, blog, Twitter.  In fact I am writing this blog using the iPad and keyboard. It is perfect for consuming content such as browsing, listening to music, watching videos, answering email, tweeting, and even writing short notes and documents.  It works brilliantly at home as a crossover business/consumer device.  But you cannot do without a PC or Mac for business.

But what the iPad has done is realise what I REALLY, REALLY want.

Tablet 3.0 : It is a tablet with the same form function as the iPad with a high-definition touch screen that rotates.  But one with a ‘proper’ OS so I can run business apps, a large solid state hard disk, a couple of USB ports, a separate bluetooth keyboard and mouse, ….  oh and a battery life of 8+ hours.

The last point is probably the most significant. The rest is just fun and sexy.  But spending every meeting trying to sit next to the power socket to charge my PC is a pain. Or running out of charge on a long flight or train journey.

But the separate keyboard means that it quickly moves from a business device to a consumer device.

Now there are some of you saying – just use GoogleDocs via a browser.  What is your problem? One word – connectivity.  Until we have free wifi everywhere then we will be hobbled by struggling to get a signal via a patchy 3G network.  And nothing kills productivity like waiting for a signal to return.

So who wants to swap my iPad for the Tablet 3.0?


7 thoughts on “Who wants my iPad?

  1. My work is basically the same as yours and you expressed my sentiments exactly. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the iPad since I got it. I love the battery life, the form factor and the instant-on. I hate the lack of USB port, SD card slot and better business productivity applications. It’s beautiful and frustrating and it absolutely has whetted my appetite for a REAL tablet.

  2. Should be no problem – just hold your breath.

    Seriously, since no os exists which can offer an iPad like experience (instant on, multitouch on all apps, etc.) on a comparable device, I guess you’re stuck while Apple gets around to fixing MobileMe and making it free.

    There are laptops with good battery life, there are tablet computers if you want to be stuck with a stylus (I know, I have 5 of them) but there’s nothing like the iPad (only got 2 of those) yet.

    Glad I found your blog though. Interesting stuff – thanks.

  3. Or it might be the time to reingineer business applications and make them fit for iPad-type devices? no more hovers, no more right clicks, no more stack of windows, etc.


  4. Well I know a great many peeps think the iPad is merely a novelty (& I do not necessarily disagree) but I have been pondering for sometime the easiest way to get the Parents online. I know everything is now geared to the online facilities – on the assumption that this is easy for everybody.

    On a quick aside methinks this is an urban/south east assumption rather than a reality for the more far flung parts of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and dare I say it England.

    – Mum will not have a PC or computer in the house (“its just something to dust”).
    – She is intimidated by a laptop (but Mum you can put in a drawer)
    – I had thought of getting her to use the library facilities until she got used to the concept BUT this was a non-starter because of the sheer numbers of peeps wanting to use them. My home town has just got its first internet cafe this year (yes 2010).
    – Added to this she is convinced she can break it – despite what Sir Terry (Wogan) had to say on the subject.

    So what about an iPad I have been thinking. It will slip in a drawer, she can use it for all her current and near future requirements.

    Am I right??

    I know this is not very techie but not all parents are cool silver surfers. It is the unspoken/typed/tweeted issue which has been ignore – i.e. the rise of social media also poses the challenge – how to bridge the gap (social/technical) between ‘digital natives’ and ‘the rest of us’ who range from my Parents to myself (I dabble but….)

    1. I think it is an excellent idea. I nearly got my mother-in-law to look at one to run her domestic clean business. She uses gmail for email, Force.com for the application managing clients and cleaners and spends Wimbledon week watching the tennis. But it was one step to far, so she’s gone for a laptop after a panic attack when she couldn’t work out how to switch the iPad off!!!

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