It was interesting to hear about the innovative training techniques the new England Cricket coach has been using. Using computer bowling system called Pro-Batter, practicing in the nets with a bat the size of a cucumber and one with double the weight, running 5,8, 10 runs between balls,  batting whilst bombarded with noise to improve their concentration etc etc.  Sir Clive Woodward had the England Rugby team coaching their eyes to improve  their peripheral vision.

These techniques may seem extreme, but they are simply refining their performance because they are operating at a higher level. Put me on a cricket pitch and simply hitting the ball would be a result. The last I hit 2 balls straight was when I stood on a rake.  I haven’t mastered the basics.

So it is all about maturity.  But sportsmen seem to have a huge advantage. The rules that they play by are well documented are are universally accepted. The same cannot be said of most businesses. That is where Nimbus Control is starting to make a difference. And if your company has already got a coordinated BI (business intelligence) approach then you may be able to see the results.

Carphone Warehouse is a classic example.  As a retailer they know the numbers. They are the sales made in every store every day. Getting commonly agreed processes, branded How2, used by all staff is making a tangible difference.

Ashley Cook, Business Operations Director at Carphone Warehouse has some great insights in this video.

What they have spotted is those people who adhere to the processes most, perform better. Those that are performing at a higher level are then candidates for more advanced techniques.

But in business, few if any companies are at a level of process maturity which is any better than my attempts at cricket. They are gifted amateurs.  And as Geoff Colvin says in his excellent book “Talent is not enough”


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