Life for a CIO was hard work, but not an impossible task. But things are getting more and more difficult, at an increasing pace.  For those who love  challenge the CIO is the best seat in the  house.  And those challenges can be summed up as the 3Cs
  • Consumerisation where every business user is also a consumer so expects Web2.0 style apps to be delivered to any and every device; PC, Mac, iPad or Smartphone – just like at home.
  • Cloud apps are enabling business users to sidestep IT in something I have been calling the Stealth Cloud in recent presentations.
  • Compliance which covers everything from data security to SOX.

Firstly,  Consumerisation. Business users are consumers and therefore are getting a better technology experience at home than at work.  A staggering 74% of PCs in the workplace are still running WindowsXP.  And the PC is now looking cool. A plethora of PC devices of different shapes and sizes and an even bigger range of smartphones are being launched daily.  They vary in form factor; ultra-thin PCs, Netbooks with 2 screens, and  laptops with a screen that pulled out to double width.

So CIOs cheering or cursing?  30%/70%  ;-(

The IT industry’s  rallying cry seems to be  “Cloud, Cloud, Cloud”.  As far back as  2008 I was presenting in Steve Ballmer’s keynote telling people to take the Cloud seriously.  Now we have the Public Cloud, Private Cloud, G-Cloud and my own Stealth Cloud plus Microsoft has  launched a concept called the Personal Cloud. Where is all that corporate data going when it is synced in these Clouds? What Data Protection or corporate security policies is this going to ride roughshod over?

So CIOs cheering or cursing?  10%/90%  ;-(

Finally, Compliance. Enterprise GRC (governance, risk and compliance)  is becoming a significant overhead to the business. That is why Nimbus Control is thriving in industry after industry where compliance is critical; pharma, banking, insurance, oil and gas. But for the CIO compliance is far wider than just process management, but touches every software application; document management, inventory control, website hosting,

So CIOs cheering or cursing?  Neither has they have their head in the their hands.

So on balance, NOT a great time to be CIO.


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