Just watched the recent version of Fame 2009, the remake of 1980 file with my 11 year old daughter who is showing signs of being a talented musician and song writer.

The film has some inspirational performing with the graduation performance at the end of the film contrasting and integrating the different styles.

And there are some great  career guidance messages hidden in film.  As my sister told me having just floated their media company, Shed Productions, on AIM for a tidy chunk of change after 20 years on the breadline – “You never make a living, some of us make a killing”.  How true.

So for those of us in the corporate world, be thankful that the corporate ladder is visible and upwards. The trick is to make sure it is leaning against the right wall.  Oh, and on that note here is the trailer for that video for career guidance:


2 thoughts on “A great performance can mean many things….

  1. Great comment. Elevator is like having adaddy’s money / influence help your career. I have nothing against that but not all of us have that opportunity

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