The question was posed in the mini-Boden catalogue. My daughter’s answer was “Why they don’t look forward to birthdays”.  This is probably prompted by my impending birthday – 50 on Wednesday. But I don’t want a party or a big fuss. I don’t feel 50. People say I don’t look 50.  In fact I’m in better physical and mental shape then when I was 30 as a harrassed, globe-trotting Accenture (neé Andersen Consulting)  Partner.

So why?  I probably have more responsibility as CEO of Nimbus than I did back then, but I have more control. Interestingly responsibility means “the ability to respond”.  If you have little control over your ability to respond – ie make a difference  – then life is very different. It is more stressful, less rewarding. In summary – shit.

Which comes round neatly to my presentation at the Nimbus annual user conference – Inspiring Performance – last week. Presenting on stage to 500 senior executives of our most important clients is far more stressful than anything in my days at Accenture, but way more fun.  Maybe because I am in control, but mostly because I am doing what I love most for a company which is clearly successful and getting into its stride as a global company.

My theme was the vision of Nimbus.   Making work easier, faster and more valuable for millions of people.  ie less shit.

This is a major issue for most companies.  For many of their staff work is a 4 letter word.  Why? Because of the lack of information (process, policy, systems, forms, documents) to get their job done easily and efficiently makes them feel embarrassed, confused, frustrated, angry, unloved, empty.

Take yourself back to when you first joined your company, changed role, or arrived on-site at a new client.  New to the job. Keen to make a good impression. Slightly nervous. What if we could make you feel confident from Day1?

Client after client at the conference talked about the benefits their staff were getting and showed candid videos of the benefits inside their companies of implementing an “Intelligent Operations Manual”.  Happy excited, confident smiling staff. And happy staff are more productive. Fact.

Key points:  Not rocket science. Totally achievable. Affordable.

Independent research has shown that staff in companies spend up to 20% of their time looking for the right information.Visteon performed a simple “before and after” test for some of their engineers.  It was a staggering 34x faster using Vistway, their implementation of Nimbus Control.   Fix that problem and we all get to take Friday off.

Which is perfect because after Wed as a 50 year old  I need to be taking up golf.


One thought on “Great question for kids “What puzzles you most about adults?”

  1. Happy Birthday Ian!

    They’ve done studies and the least stressful job in the world is a conductor of an orchestra – for exactly the same reasons that you have outlined – complete control. Now imagine if you could embody that same trust in all employees to provide them with their own control over their roles? That’s what I believe good process does – it’s a pity it’s so rare.

    Cheers, TPN

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