BPMN has come under the critical gaze of Sourcing Shangri-La and come up wanting.  “BPMN is not the  BPM silver bullet” is now a view held by a number of analysts,mostly in private but now publicly.  Jim Sinur, a BPM veteran at Gartner, is rarely fooled by fads and his post BPMN for Business Professionals: Burn Baby Burn was a wake up call for end users. “BPMN really stands for “Business People May Not…understand”.

Now it is the turn of EA to have the sharp pen and even sharper intellect of Sourcing Shangri-La wielded against them.  In his post, Resolving EA’s mid-life crisis, “Clever people doing an honest day’s toil but not making much difference.”

But this is not blogging or comment just to make controversial news. It is thought through analysis looking at BPM from a business / operational perspective.  Not some marketing psycho-babble to sell the next BIG THING in software (or last years big thing cleverly repackaged.

Who is going next onto the the analysts couch?  SocialBPM?   Go and visit Sourcing Shangri-La and make some suggestions.  That way he may not pick on you!!


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