A great question on the eBizQ website today.

This question can be answered from a number of different perspectives, because ‘process’ means something different for the different groups across the enterprise.

We recently wrote a blog called What Hat Are Your Wearing which looked at process from 4 perspectives

Green Hat – end users (operational manual)

White Hat – IT (information architecture)

Blue Hat – IT system (transaction)

Red Hat – Compliance (busniess controls)

Each group wants to have a single source of truth that is consistent and agreed within their domain. Take the Green Hats.  There is huge value in every one having a shared, understood and adopted set of processes (working practices) across the world.  But before you start shouting at me, of course there will be local differences, but lets keep those down at the lowest level of detail. So every retail store working in the same way. and when a better way of working is discovered, every one else gets to benefit; new product releases, customer returns, stock takes, staff induction, resourcing for Christmas rush, credit card fraud and the list goes on.

If you want to see this in practice watch Carphone  Warehouse talking about the benefits of this approach in this video

The same approach could be said of the White Hats.  The company wants only one Information Architecture and as few applications as possible, ideally not customised for every division, department or country operation.

And the Blue Hats and the Red Hats are the  same; as few models as possible.

So the question is can you have a Single Source of Truth shared across all 4 coloured hats?

If you are small organisation, then the answer is probably yes.  But if you are a major multi-national, which is most of Nimbus clients, the answer is no.  You may have Green Hat models for each business unit, one White Hat model, one Blue Hat and a Red Hat for each Green Hat model.

What is CRITICAL is that each model has linkages with the others, so if one changes the impact on the others is easily identified and understood. This can be achieved by a single tool/application/repository with each Hat making some compromises as to functionality.  Or is could be 1 or 2 tools with integrations.


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