A great article in Information Week  Global CIO: SAP’s Sweeping Turnaround: Exclusive Co-CEO Interview shows the challenges the legacy app vendors are having moving to the new world shaken up by 3 things: Cloud, Social and Mobile.

Vowing to create “people-centric software,” SAP’s retooling for greatly accelerated development, deployments, and time to value, says Jim Hagemann Snabe.  As the author Bob Evans comments “the traditional SAP approach that I think we could call Complexity as a Service”.

Can SAP change?  Yes.  Can it change enough? Not sure. Can is change fast enough?  Doubtful.

Nimbus works alongside SAP projects in Fortune1000 companies like Sony, Nestle and Chevron  providing the ‘people-centric’ process content through the application Nimbus Control which makes the end user’s life more bearable and their jobs easier to understand.  The Operations Manual that explains what the end user has to do BEFORE they are forced into SAP screens.

The Nimbus mission is “To make work easier, faster and more valuable for millions of people

So it is by working with their partners that SAP can start to be more  people-centric as behind the scenes it improves the way SAP goes to market and the software it offers.

Can they change? Yes, but not alone.


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