Having just presented at the Nimbus annual EMEA user conference www.inspiring-performance.com I was intrigued by the comments from a number of clients, but also several of the seasoned analysts who attend a number of  software vendor conferences each year.  The comments were “refreshing“,    “a user conference, not a sales conference“,    “real energy and buzz“,    “BPM, the Nimbus way, is really taking off

The most telling and gratifying was “I can’t tell who is Nimbus, who are the partners and who are the clients”.

Nimbus claim to have a very collaborative sales process where clients see us as trusted advisors.  That is because we are Value Create rather than Value Add sales. No idea what this means?  Read the book summary of Why Killer Products Don’t Sell which is the sequel to Crossing the Chasm

We’ve spent a long time earning that trust, which is why we don’t blow it with cheap sales tactics.  We are in for the long term.

Our vision statement says it all  To make work easier, faster and more valuable for millions of people.

How different from this approach?


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