Let’s face it. senior people are not interested in BPM (or any other acronym for that matter). They are under pressure to get thousands of people pointed in the same direction and performing under difficult circumstances.  Which is exactly why they SHOULD be interested in BPM.

So it is your job to put it in their terms; business benefits which can be grouped into reduced cost, increased revenue, or reduced risk.  Hint: DO NOT mention the word “process”

Here are some to think about which all feed back into the 3 benefits above.

  • Reliability & Efficiency
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Product Quality
  • Agility
  • Innovation Through Collaboration
  • Consistence Operation
  • Staff Portability
  • Increased Accountability
  • Workforce Empowerment
  • Customer Satisfaction (NPS: net promoter score)
  • Knowledge Capture & Transfer

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