I have just read a very disturbing  summary of a presentation at the Gartner Symposium in silicon.com. But is it symptomatic of the blinkered IT thinking that seem to surround the word ‘process’? Now I accept that the word process means something different to every person. In fact we have a concept of hats which is explained in a recent blog called What hat are you wearing

The Gartner presentation talked about “What CIOs need to know to get cosy with the CEO…Learn what’s worrying your chief exec – and what IT can do about it.”  They identified 7 things which were all very valid.  But I have issue with the advice for one area which we know very well.  (A typical English understatement. Actually we are thought leaders.)  The point I have a problem with, because the advice is misguided and is CEOs: Seeking efficiencies – CIOs: Automate and overhaul old ways.

It is a very, very valid concern for CEOs, but they are probably asking the wrong person if they are turning to the CIO.  Surely it is the COO they should be looking to?

All the research shows that of a company’s business processes only 20% are (or can be) automated. That leaves 80% which are manual, are in people’s heads on MSPowerpoint diagrams, on scraps of paper and therefore need to be documented, managed, shared and adopted by end users.

For multiple reasons:

efficiency and cost savings; 17% of a person’s time is now spent looking for the right form, screen, document. DM and intranets are not helping. Processes will and do.

compliance; Regulatory compliance is only going to get worse. It should come for free with a well run business

–  agility; A well documented business allows transferability of work between staff and also offshore or into share service centers. How can you be agile if you don’t have a baseline or starting point?

Pie in the sky? Theory? Suitable only for small companies?

No – proven in companies such as Nestle who has 280,000 staff, Chevron, Royal Bank of Canada and  Toyota.   Read the ebook  www.-ideas-warehouse.com to get inspired….  or talk to Nimbus or watch some client videos

And then get the CEO to TALK TO THE RIGHT PERSON IN THE EXEC TEAM.  The COO who owns 100% of the processes, not the CIO who can influence only 20%.

BTW What can the CIO do?  Stop talking about process in terms of automation and start talking about business management. Only then will they start being invited to sit at the Exec table.


5 thoughts on “CEO needs to talk to CIO to improve processes. DOH!!! Wrong person

  1. A good summary of why Gartner can be so frustrating. They have latched onto the collective feeling in IT that everything would be so much better if IT people ran the world. The most important thing an IT person can do is realise that IT is a means, not an end. The wider picture is far more important.

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