In my post  CEO needs to talk to CIO to improve processes. DOH!!! Wrong person I finished with BTW What can the CIO do?  Stop talking about process in terms of automation and start talking about business management. Only then will they start being invited to sit at the Exec table.

This was echoed by the Gartner interview with John Chambers, CEO of Cisco (disclosure they are a Nimbus client).

Don’t talk to CEOs about clouds,virtualization, social networking, or video, Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers urged CIOs at the Gartner Symposium this morning. Instead, he said, IT leaders should talk about things like revenue per employee, cost per unit sold, and time to market.

What was also revealing was how CIOs need to get out of IT and into business when it comes to process. (esp 45 secs in)

“…we talk about technology and get excited about it, but changing processes is the only way to get productivity … so I think you’ve got to align with people who can help you with process and cultural change because those will trip you up or prevent you from getting the technology benefits”



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