Carol Rozwell of Gartner summarised the discussion at Gartner Symposium beautifully in her blog.   She has got the debate out of the sm-hype, the PR, AR and marketing department and down to grass roots.  What does it mean to the employees…..

Fortune ran a great article with some differing experiences of employees building their own personal brand using Social Media with or without their company’s permission. It makes both inspiring and sobering reading.    Another take on the article is from ImpactInteractions on Whose brand is it

Nimbus has embraced social media and takes the approach that this is just another form of communication. We are actively encouraging people to take part. This blog and the hugely popular Sourcing Shangri-La blog are examples. @nimbusip and @iangotts are active Twitters. Internally we are using using Chatter from and those who scoffed at the pointlessness of social media, Twitter et al are very active contributors.

Why should I worry about what employees write any more than what they say at the next dinner party? The challenge is getting everyone to understand the company values, direction and approach so they keep on message. So.. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

For Nimbus it is easy. Our vision is “Making work easier, faster and more valuable for millions of people” which underpins WHY we do what we do. WHAT we do is provide a process management solution enabling end users to do the right things. HOW we do it is provide software and services.

See how easy it is when you go WHY, WHAT, HOW rather than the other way?


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