SocialGO‘s head of business development in the USA, Richard Weston-Smith, recently compared social media marketing to hosting a never ending cocktail party, whereas traditional marketing is more like sitting people down and giving them a one way PowerPoint presentation.

This quite elegantly sums up the difference between ‘old school’ marketing and social media marketing.  Social media marketing is all about soft engagement in a casual and enjoyable environment and forming real one-to-one relationships based upon common interests.

Great analogy, but extending it slightly.  Does that mean it is going to be an aftermath in the style of  The Hangover when it is all over.  A splitting headache and feeling of nausea.

If so, someone should be buying shares in Nurofen.




For those of you who haven’t seen it….


3 thoughts on “Social Media – a Never-Ending Cocktail Party. Serious hangover alert

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