Hospitals are dangerous places to go
Why: That’s where all the nasty diseases go

Lots of people go to hospital and don’t come out alive
Why: They were very ill.  Poor process. Poor / incorrect patient information

CIOs kill more patients than surgeons
Why: Inconsistent or incomplete patient data and drug contra indications

Poorly integrated health care IT systems harm or kill more patients every year than do medications and medical devices.”  Asif Ahma, CIO, Duke University Health System

Improving processes in hospitals so patients (customers) spend less time there saves cost but also it gets them away from the dangerous diseases that circulate hospitals so patients don’t catch secondary infections which entends their stay and the hospital’s costs even further.

Why is it so difficult to get process improvement driven through?  Maybe it is because certain individuals (ie surgeons) consider themselves above process.  They are artists. Their skills and intuition which gained over years of practice save lives. What they do cannot be written down as mere procedures…..

I completely agree but that is not true of many, many areas of a hospital. One area where Nimbus has had success is in the private sector with Nuffield Hospitals and in the back office as you can see this video at the NHS Information Centre

The concept of Integrated Care Pathways (ICP) has been around for some time but often have too narrow a scope; an ICP for Dementia. For a number of years Jenny Gray at VentureTC has been a huge proponent of ICPs and using a structured way of documenting and delivering them. Currently it seems to be ad-hoc, on paper and inconsistent from organisation to organisation.  Surely this is one area where collaboration could work wonders?

Certainly Nimbus Control can support ICPs at whatever level of scope they are implemented – and even a nationwide library so that true collaboration can blossom.  It is even relevant now with the concept of hospital staff walking around with wirelessly connected tablets.  But until we see a compelling demand to document and communicate processes, on a par with the fear instilled into drug companies by the FDA or the banks cowering under the threat of the FSA, I believe nothing will change.

And that is a tragedy. Not just for the millions thrown away in wasted money, but for those who lose loved ones unnecessarily.



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