At Nimbus we have Dirk.  He is passionate about process maps that are correct.  Not surprisingly he is German.

He is enraged at activity boxes that are labelled with nouns not verbs (eg “Marketing”  not ‘Educate Market’) and but he goes apoplectic when there are lines between activity boxes with no name or title. He says the lines are the most important bit – the handoff between processes.

But Dirk also filters out process diagrams that are unreadable (ie more than 7-10 activity boxes per page), that are a jumble of different symbols or that don’t make sense.  What is the point of a process diagram without a process owner? Why are there no links to documents, work instructions or applications (eg SAP, Oracle, from this activity?

He is relentless in terms of his perfection. His searches for exactly the right metric to attach to an activity box which will drive and reinforce the correct behaviour are legendary.

He owns, lives and breathes the NCIA (Nimbus Control Implementation Approach) – his life’s work over the last 10 years. And in the spirit of Nimbus Control (the first Social BPM application?) he works collaboratively with clients and Nimbus staff around the world to improve it.

But he is not all left brain, he has a softer side. He is an enthusiastic supporter when it comes to selecting the colour scheme for the process map and for choosing a name which will engage the workforce. He came up with How2 at one of our clients and Nimbus360 for own internal implementation. Above all he has realised that adoption is more important than anything else. If process content is not up to date, looked at and used then it serves no purpose

And that is why Nimbus Control makes life easier, faster and more valuable for millions of people: Vorsprung Dirk Technik.



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