Paul Harmon’s piece yesterday in BP Trends What is A Business Architecture? is an extremely comprehensive survey of all the various strands of BPM thinking, the schools of thought, the practitioner communities, the various BPM ‘traditions’.  Its BPM perspectives cover Enterprise Architecture, Process Frameworks, Lean and Six Sigma, Value Chains and much more.

A (surprisingly) long running debate on LinkedIn is Why do you think BPM could not take off like ERP or CRM? I think reading Paul Harmon’s piece explains why.

I always remember being told “The confused mind says ‘No'”.

The massive number of competing BPM perspectives and notations makes it impossible for anyone to have any confidence that they are picking a winning approach, before they even start thinking about a software application to capture processes as valuable assets.  So it is no wonder BPM has stalled for years.

But at no time in history is BPM in a better position to play a pivotal role in organisations. The perfect storm. A recession has forced companies to really focus on the effectiveness of their operation.  Regulatory compliance is demanding that processes are documented and rigourously managed. An uptick in the economy is releasing budgets, albiet slightly. And finally there is a fight to recruit the best talent and make sure that they are used effectively.

At Nimbus we are seeing a huge surge in demand with Fortune500 organisations moving to an operational strategy which is process focused, and smaller companies following suit. Our growth is currently over 50% and the pipeline has never been stronger.

The Nimbus Control software application can support all these different modeling standards and notation, but what is really engaging people at all levels in clients is a very simple approach.  We are calling it UPN (Universal Process Notation). It is SO simple.  Maybe it is the lowest common denominator of all the notations.  But don’t dimiss it. Simple works. In hundreds of organisations. They are getting business results – not collections of process models.

Nimbus Control hides the horrendous complexity of managing the collboration, authorisation and archiving of the vast hierarchy of process content and related links – some with multiple language variants (don’t even go there……).  But this is what the most complex organisations on the planet like Nestlé and HSBC Bank need. Anything less will not cut it.

So let’s stop arguing, confusing the hell out of people who just want to get going, and KISS  (keep it simple supid).

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