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Some questions then:

Why do we not treat processes as valuable assets?

Why do we not put the governance around them so they stay current?

Why do we not design them so that they can be shared and understood?

Why do we not give ownership to those who will love them and look after them?

Some companies do – and get they get staggering benefits….  Nestlé, Carphone Warehouse, Avaya, HSBC Bank, Novartis, Northern Trust,  and the list goes on and on and on and on. www.nimbuspartners.com


One thought on “A process map is forever not just for Xmas

  1. Because they can’t see the link between process and profits…
    Because they can’t see how it can differentiate them from their competitors…
    Because they don’t know why they need to be flexible and agile…


    (until it’s too late)

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