I spoke recently at the UP2010 Cloud Computing conference about the pros and cons of a cloud strategy for a software vendor.

Nimbus, which I founded 13 years ago, has been a customer of a cloud solution for 7 years (Salesforce.com & Force.com) to a level where 95% of the applications to run the company globally are on the platform. We have been  providing our process mapping and management solution as a cloud offering for over 5 years.  And also, showing staggering insight, we named the company after a cloud!

My presentation and audio stream of my session will be available on the UP2010 website, once it has been processed.

But for a more in depth view, our experiences and the collected wisdom of a number of other ISVs have been captured in a book called Thinking of… Offering a Cloud Solution? Ask the Smart Questions. Nimbus are offering here: Free eBook download

As the name suggests it is ALL the questions you need to ask before launching into the clouds. It is not a fun read, but answers to the questions will be critical for the survival of your company.


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