I was interviewed yesterday for a podcast by IQPC about BPM and one of the questions was “Why is BPM important?”

My answer was a single sentence and interestingly is at the heart of Nimbus‘ vision.  “To make work easier, faster and more valuable for millions of people”.   An image from Just a Thought captured this for me.

from Jast a Thought http://jatig.wordpress.com

So why is work not rewarding for so many people? Because they are badly managed, directed and trained. They are asked to do things that are boring, repetitive or THEY KNOW are wasteful.  A critical way of improving work is to have clearly documented and communicated processes;  BPM from Nimbus.  Then automating those areas that can be eliminated;  BPM from the numerous BPMS vendors.

All great ideas but what does this look and feel like for real people… yes staff working in companies.

Carphone Warehouse has 1,000s of retail staff in its 800 stores around the UK and in its back office.  This video shows how BPM really makes a difference. (BTW This is a Nimbus Control run as a cloud service).  The quote for the call centre operator at the end really does it for me.



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