I spent 12 years with Accenture and now 13 with Nimbus which, as a software company, has a large and talented group of business consulting partners. I have become increasingly disappointed with the Big4 when we meet them at clients. I have quiet moments of soul searching where I keep thinking “Was I really that arrogant?”

There seems to be a critical point at which the consultants are no longer working for the client. That is when the consulting firm has more staff/revenue than the client.  Then the attitude of  “it is lucky we arrived in time to save you” kicks in. Somehow they feel they are more successful than the client therefore they know best. Quickly follows is the “You hired us to advise you, so sit down and do what we say” chat.

The image from Just  a Thought certainly captures one perspective.

Just a Thought http://jatig.wordpress.com


Now is the time for clients to stand up to the consultants, particularly those where it is clear that “they know 200 ways to make love but don’t  have a girlfriend”.


definition of a consultant as “a bloke who knows a thousand ways of making love but doesn’t know any women”

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