I was due to go out to an event this evening but it has been cancelled because “local council’s Health & Safety people have decided that car park is not safe for people to enter”. Now it has been snowing during the day but the sunshine came out in the afternoon which means the main roads are clear. Perhaps the car park would be a little tricky. But surely each of us can decide whether we want to take the risk. So why is some little Hitler in the local council making decisions that impact the lives of 200+ people and the livelihood of the organizers (who offered to clear the car park and entrance)?

Now you may think that I may I have problem with authority. That these are quite sensible decisions based on the prevailing weather.

My issue is not authority, but why is somone who has no experience making the decision. I completely respect authority when it commands respect. I am a fairly serious skiier, expert by UK standards, and if the pisteur who has many many years experience on the mountain closes a piste or our ski guide  says we can’t ski a couloir then their decision is final.

But what experience does that council worker have of driving on snow and ice and how qualified are they to make a risk assessment. The answer is they are not. And this is true for decision after decision that is now being made for “security” or “health and safety” reasons in every area of life – particularly where local Government is involved. Here are a few examples

Now maybe this is a symptom of an overly litigious society. One that the UK is inheriting from the USA; everyone looking for a way of making a quick million by suing a large company or Government body. But I am not after a million or five that way. I am building a business which is so valuable that I do not need to make cheap shots.

So I’d like to sign a Universal Life Disclaimer which says  “I WILL NOT SUE YOU.  Please let me make my own decisions and I will live with the consequences.”

Amazingly my decisions  to date have left me in pretty good shape. And you could say in many ways in a far better position socially, emotionally and financially that that council worker. So why would or should I let them decide how I run my life.

So if it is all the same to you I’m off for a drive around the nearest carpark  which fortunately will be empty so I can practice lots of handbrake turns and ice driving.



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