Herding cats: this could be true of managing 100,000s of staff and getting them aligned to strategy (process), capturing ideas and finding the golddust (innovation)  or childcare!!

The MOST amusing thing about this is the video is by EDS who are (im)famous for outsourcing other peoples processes – HR, Finance etc.  Their tagline is “solved” but the internal tagline given to them by staff is “Your mess for less”.  Enough said.

A harsh criticism possibly but history has shown that making shared services or an outsourced operation really effective is difficult. Suddenly you have put artificial barriers into the end to end process. Which is why an approach taken by the long list of clients are using Nimbus’ approach to share services/outsourcing.

It is summed up by a quote in the book Common Approach, Uncommon Results in the chapter on outsourcing:

If you don’t know enough to run it, you don’t know enough to outsource it..

So the questions you should ask your potential outsourcing partner are

“How are you going to ensure that everyone who touches the processes is going to understand how they work?”

“How are you going to drive auditable, continuous improvement?”

If they say “Trust me, we’ve done this before. There are great cost savings”,  the walk away.

Do you really want your mess for less?


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