Which is better;  to have a team of unpredictable stars or consistent, steady followers?  The right answer is to have stars who know when to follow the script and when to break out and break the rules.  Balance.

Music is a perfect example.  Particularly jazz which encourages improv, free thinking, risk taking.  But there is still a score – a ‘song’ to be played.   There are strong parallels with business process management.

BestBuy Europe/ Carphone Warehouse says “Standardization Liberates”  Is this an oxymoron, like Microsoft Help or Military Intelligence?   No.  They say that by having a standard approach (processes) it liberates staff to spend their energy on what make a difference for the customer. And that makes work more enjoyable.  To see this in practice watch this video

Enough words for a Friday…. Just listen and watch some awesome jazz


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