Certainly true in lots of situations. Margaret Thatchers is famous for saying to her Cabinet “I don’t want it perfect, I want it Tuesday”

Others would argue that Apples cash hoard of $60bn, which is not enough to live on but a good start, is totally down to Steve Jobs’ frightening attention to detail and his refusal to let any product launch unless it is perfect by his very exacting standards.  And jewellery should be perfect as I argued in my blog  Apple Makes The Best Jewellery

So there is a time and a place. In the context of a company’s processes I believe it is impossible to define ‘perfect’.  What is the ‘perfect’ HR (Recruit2Retire) process?  It depends on the company, the country, the culture, the economy. So the idea that you can simply implement ‘best practice’ is wrong.  Certainly the AQPC process frameworks which have been converted and are available in Nimbus Control are a great starting point. A strawman. The catalyst.

An AQPC benchmarking study, due out in mid-March sponsored by Accenture and Nimbus looked at top companies’ use of process frameworks.  An eaarly copy will be reviewed and available for download here. The results are fascinating.

One could argue the ‘best’ process is one that everyone follows. So adoption is critical here. Put more energy, passion and creativity to find ways to make the processes relevant and engaging to your audience, rather than getting the ‘perfect process’.  That’s what Best Buy / Carphone Warehouse did and they got staggering results.


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