You have to love this level of creativity and fun. But why should this be considered “unprofessional” to bring this level of fun to work? Sadly, it is.

My mantra is “Retain the culture, rewrite the rules”. I actively look for the quirkiness in situations. If you read this blog you have probably realised it. I am lucky that as Chief Evangelist and part of the Nimbus marketing team it is part of my job.

A GREAT example was the blog Process Discrimination.  Making process fun  – it’s not often you hear those words in a sentence together!!

But this approach gets results….  but has risk.  Clear examples of the results are the way that Nimbus punches above its weight in terms of the Inspiring Performance conference programme, and the number of competitors who openly say that they wish they could emulate our marketing. Perhaps they are locked into their stuffy business-suited thinking, paralysed by the risk of failure?

Time to break out the cassocks and sandles.


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