I listened to this podcast on the PEXNetwork and it reminded me of an interview I heard on Radio 4

The Head of Oxfam spoke about the trouble with lots of headless chickens running around in Haiti. The relief effort was severely hampered because so many well meaning NGOs descended on the disaster zone. There was a lack of knowledge of how to help.  Local UN office was wiped out by earthquake so a lack of local coordinated expertise. The issue was that much of the aid was wasted.

The Haiti problem of coordination and making the staff on the ground effective could have been solved with the relief workers intelligent operations manual

What are the processes, video, photos, documents (and systems if available) for  …

–          Treating the survivors

–          Supply chain of medicine, food, water

–          Working out who the children belong to when separated from parents or orphaned

–          Building shelters / latrines

–          Supply of clean water … etc…

These could be made available on phones using off-line storyboards  – end to end processes and linked resources (video, photo,  documents) – using Nimbus Control.

This is where the politics kick in.  Who would want to build and promote this content?  UN, UNICEF, Oxfam …?

Nimbus is happy to provide grants to effectively make the software free. It is something we have done before with some awesome results at the RNLI. The RNLI voluteers and staff are amazing and we simply are helping them direct their energies where they can make most difference. Nimbus is helping save lives.

The interview with Oxfam covered the growing pains of what once was a small charity run out of Oxford to a multi-million pound international operation and the challenge of the weight of that organization absorbing lots of money – which should go to relief – into just running the operation.  If ever there was a need for lean, well understood processes – here was the advertisement for them.

Sowhat are we waiting for? The next natural disaster? But then it will be too late to develop the intelligent operations manual and people will be running around like hedless chickens.



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