CIOs are under more pressure than ever. The job is incredibly challenging. Despite recent arguments to the contrary, we believe information technology is at the heart of corporate strategy. IT must deliver more systems faster and operate them in a fail-safe environment. Being successful as a CIO requires an unusual combination of technical know-how, business acumen, and organizational leadership skills. It’s a job with a sometimes short life cycle, and it takes a seemingly superhuman to do it effectively.

Sounds familiar? I have written a number of articles recently talking about the challenges facing CIOs  which are the links below

Firstly the 3Cs;  Compliance, Consumerisation and the Cloud

Secondly the need for the CIO to be more business focused and cut the ties with the IT department.

I see this happening, but not quickly enough and technology, in the hands of business people, is accelerating the problem where now  1 in 3 employees is playing roulette with their company in the Cloud

The quote I started with was from a book The Evolving Role Of The CIO, by the Concours Group written in 2004 and that was before iPads, Cloud apps, and the  mashups that are breaking company security policies

What is the answer – simple.  PASTA.

Check out this blog on PASTA and tell me why it won’t work.  If you can’t, then CIOs need to change their diet, and quickly.


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