Below is the email transcript.  Now it is not good Customer Service just because I was given something for free.  In fact I already have bought chains, so the extra free set are of limited value to me.

It is good customer service because:

– they answered my email immediately

– it could be argued that FedEx let them down – BUT THEY DIDN’T

– they offered a refund without question

– they realised the cost of return and restocking was LESS THAN THE GOOD WILL associated with letting me keep them.

Email trail below explains:

Sat 19
To: “
Subject: RE: Order #179252 Tracking Information.

I ordered a product, tire chains, and your agent told me the shipping was 3-5  days.   Having checked on the FedEx website to check on the order, which should have arrived today (5 days), and it gives the expected delivery date as 23 February.

This is not acceptable.  I ordered the tire chains to use this week to go skiing. They will now arrive after we have come back.

I do not want the tire chains, I would like them returned and a full refund.  Please let me know what I need to do to return the tire chains


Mon 21
Subject: RE: Order #179252 Tracking Information.


We apologize for the delay in receiving your order.  We have issued a full refund for your purchase.  Please keep the chains as a token of our apology.  Maybe you can use them next time.


Jamie Schmidt
Customer Service Manager



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