Nimbus is often dismissed as “it is just documentation”. We could get angry. We could post inflammatory remarks on their blogs. We could passionately argue our case. Instead we decided to focus on our clients and let them set the record straight.

So first – what is “our flavour of BPM”.  Well. BPM is typically used to talk about software which helps automate processes and build applications. Pegasystems is the leading vendor according to Gartner, who call this BPMS (BPM Suites). But there are many others who are BPMS vendors who are blindsided by their focus on selling in their competitive market and hitting their revenue targets.

Nimbus is all about capturing and documenting the processes from the strategy level down to where the BPMS players can automate or where the enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle and operate. But what clients document using Nimbus Control is the Intelligent Operations Manual for every employee. It is served up as guided walkthroughs on the web, iPhone and iPad.

A little more than “just documentation”. We think so. Our clients think so.

Just this  week I have had 3 separate instances where clients have said, on their own words  “You are strategically important. If your software stops working, our staff stop working.”

This is very exciting as it means we are starting to get real momentum – our 50% revenue growth this year should also give us confidence. It also carries with it a level of responsibility.  Not that we haven’t been responsible before.  We’ve been running the software on the Nimbus Cloud for Carphone Warehouse / Best Buy Europe, Nestlé and 50+ other clients for the last 5 years. We understand our responsibilities.

But what other evidence is there that BPM is ready for primetime?

  • The level of project sponsor is now VP, EVP, GVP. These people are engaged. The understand what Nimbus does, and in some cases they can demonstrate it. This is not a small documentation project run by a quality manager or risk manager in a dusty corridor office.
  • The scale of roll-outs delivered and in budgets is now enterprise-wide. These are global roll-outs. Again not project focused.  That means the business case to spend $millons needs to be robust.  And it is.
  • The software is being used. It is not shelfware. That is being demonstrated by the very high maintenance renewals rate.

A long running question on eBizQ was “Why has BPM not taken off like ERP of CRM“.  Simple answer “It was not important and not urgent.”

Now it is.


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