We’re in Heavenly, a ski resort which lives up to its name with beautiful trees and stunning views of Lake Tahoe from the ski runs.  And proudly they claim to be the largest resort in the Lake Tahoe on every metric. Largest ski area, greatest vertical drop etc etc.

There is a northern California laid back feel to the resort. The lift lines are orderly and relaxed. The lift operators are happy, polite and have a laugh. The restaurant staff on and off the mountain are the same. The guys who throw icecream around like a cocktail bar are a classic case… and oddly enough the kids want to go back again and again.

But behind this fun, ski bum atmosphere there is a serious business. Hevenley is part of a group of resorts. The lift pass for a week is an eye watering $504. It needs to make money.

But more sinister is the reporting.   This morning there has been a huge dump.  We are REALLY excited.  So a quick look at the Heavenly website on lift status. By the look of it we need to get up there.

24/30 lifts open          94/94 runs open                4800/4800 acres available            100% resort open.

Sounds great, but this is where people act as they are measured.  The lifts have 3 statuses  “Open”, “On Hold” or “Closed”.   “On Hold”  which means the lift is not running but it counts as part of the 24/30 lifts open!!!

Look at the detail (the panel below the metrics) and only 11 lifts are running which gives access to the lower part of a 1/3 of the mountain. So, technically 100% of the resort is open. Take the first lift and walk!!!

The question is: Why lie? There will be fantastic skiing in deep powder in the area of the resort that is open.  Especially when the lie is so easily uncovered.

Which is more than can be said of the car which is buried under 2 feet fo snow that fell last night.  Better go and get the shovel to dig it out so we can go out and play.


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