A recent Forrester survey has determined that most organisations are not ready for sustainable BPM.  But at the same time the research says that the most successful organisations  “Develop and maintain flawless operational execution” which has processes at its core.

So what companies waiting for?  Perhaps 01/01/2012 so they can make their corporate New Year’s resolution “I will do BPM more”   Just like changing your work-life balance, as this excellent TED video in a recent blog suggests, there is not perfect time to start, and a small initial step is better than no step at all.

So, just get started. The question I often get asked when speaaking about BPM and Change is which process to start with. Some would say “The one with the biggest problems” but that is too high profile and probably is too big a challenge. You need an early quick successes. So pick something which people care about and will make a difference.

One idea is “On boarding new staff”. Self contained. Normally a basket-case…. How many people get their business card, laptop, phone and induction plan on Day 1 that they join? Day 5, Day 15. Often the issues are miscommunication between HR, facilities, IT and marketing  – all of whom have input into a business card. And those problems can be ironed out without needing to make any changes to underlying systems. So the changes can be implemented immediately. For the next new joiner through the door.

And the benefits are far more greater than just some cost savings.The difference in morale for a new joiner who is inducted properly vs the shambles in most companies is vast. They are more productive more quickly. Less likely to leave. More likely to recommend friends and colleagues apply to join them.

At Nimbus we hire under graduate student on their gap year for some back office roles.  We have interviewed them and offered a job before other companies have even acknowledged their application. So we get the best pick of the under graduates – year after year.

Our experienced hires often come from far larger organisations and they always comment on how effective and professional our recruitment and onboarding process is. It is one of the reasosn we can attract, recruit and retain such high calibre individuals. And that is in turn why our client satisfaction levels are so high. A virtuous  circle.

Final point. The only place process automation is ahead of process mapping is in the dictionary. So map it out first before you let IT try to automate it.


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