Here is a story from this morning’s meeting at a client who is considering using Nimbus Control for process mapping , management and global deployment.  The client has over 250,000 employees and the meeting was with the SVP Operations who reports to the CEO, plus their team.  So a pretty important meeting.

Last week one of the Nimbus consultants had run a 1/2 day facilitated workshop with the team to map out some client process content which were on the Nimbus Cloud.

Back to today’s meeting. The client laptop that had web connectivity to be able to see Nimbus content needed to be restarted, so while everyone fiddled with that, I took my iPad over to the SVP and he and I navigated their hosted content on Safari.  He saw a great-resolution map, actions, drill downs, attachments, compliance links and we opened a linked pdf.  if we hadn’t got connected I could have used the Nimbus Mobile Player for iPad/iPhone. It was a great moment.

Point 1.  An SVP executive is interested enough in BPM to attend the meeting for 2 hours

Point 2. Deployment of governed process content is becoming a critical issue

Point 3. The iPad is a great device for deploying ‘content’ in an engaging format

So we may have sold the client on using Nimbus Control, but definitely on using the iPad.  Shame I didn’t get a chance to demonstrate the Nimbus 5 pencil iPad stand or my free non-tangle headphone gizmo!!


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