I remember when TV was worth watching.  But it was expensive to make “good-telly”.  Then came game shows which were cheap but lacked audience pull.  Then reality TV arrived which was the perfect answer;  cheap and more addictive than game shows. Some simply naff, some fun, some highbrow – Big Brother, So you think you can dance, Opera Star

The advertisers have latched onto social marketing. Some of the more switched on are realising that it is about engaging with the audience rather than just a cheaper form of direct email.  And it is FUN.

3 trends are changing the complexion of marketing; cloud, social and mobile.  Some brands are starting to embrace this and understand what it means.

One thing I am now seeing is reality advertising. Big brands are getting creative and engaging by running ‘competitions’.  Here are 2 examples:

TheFunTheory from VW in Sweden, which is both clever and put sometning back into society.  WELL worth a look at their ideas.  The Infinitely deep dustbin.  The Piano Stairs.  ….. And the winner  : Speed Cameras that pay you

Stella Artois who are looking to get people to send film clips and audition to be in a film, called Casting Call.  So get your phone out and start rehearsing.

Makes me think what clever, fun stuff we can do with Nimbus around the theme  “Making work esier, faster and more valuable for millions of people”.


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