Why the expletives and asterisks?   It was promoted by the excellent presentation by Brand Infiltration called  “What the F**k is Social Media NOW?” which you can read below.  It has some stats that make you just lean back and say “F**k”. But what is important is the conclusion:

“Social media is redefining everything, including how we; work, play, learn, share, discover, create, complain, celebrate, mourn, applaud, influence, collaborate, investigate and evaluate.”

So looking at that list, which items are not relevant to work and improving the way you work?  Some may single out “play, celebrate, mourn and applaud”. But in really great companies these emotions are allowed. Laughter has no meaning if you don’t feel sadness. Happier staff are more productive.

So social media is changing the way the world works inside and outside corporations. It doesn’t change the need for people to talk, disagree, agree, improve and change.  That happens all the time between colleagues, customers and partners.  Social media changes how those interactions look and also breaks down physical and geographical boundaries. It is also f**king liberating, as the presentation will show. In a great presentation, the Head of Operations from Carphone Warehouse Best Buy Europe said “standards liberate”. And when you step back and think, they do. They liberate you from spending time working out how to do things (standards) to focus on the real innovation and customer service and how to do things better  (libration).

So, at yesterday’s discussion looking at the evolution of Nimbus Control, social media was on the agenda.  Nimbus Control has been enabling auditable business improvement since R1.0, 14 years ago. But the really social collaborative element we called it Memos & Subscriptions. Not a very sexy title and  definitely not a very sexy look. It probably hasn’t changed in terms of look and feel since it was first designed, apart from a quick makeover when we created the interation with MS Sharepoint.

Social media has been a wake up call for Nimbus.  One faction is saying “But we do social media – we have done for years“.   But we realise that memos, discussions need to be replaced by a more social media style interaction. Same content, different presentation plus some great ideas on how to really make process related content more relevant – by user feedback.  Let’s see the more valuabe content drift to the top of any search or discussion. Let’s let the authors of content which is irrelevant or not useful know so that they can change what they are doing.  Which is completely aligned with our mission“Making work easer, faster and more valuable for millions of people”.

Exactly what that will look like you will have to wait and see – but not long.  The next release is not far away.  So in the meantime, take a look at how Social Media is changing our world. That is, if you give a f**k. And you should.


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