We had a long weekend break which took in Death Valley (amazing natural phenomena) and then Las Vegas (completely un-natural creation). Normally I hate Las Vegas. I don’t drink heavily, I am happily married, and I don’t gamble.

As a regular speaker on the circuit, Las Vegas has a lot of conferences, so I’ve walked down the strip and taken the roller-coaster in New York, New York. Therefore I was not looking forward to a weekend in Vegas. But with the family it would be different right?

Firstly having a 9 and 11 year old bodyguards was great. Walking the strip holding on to them meant we were not hounded by touts with offers of hot girls, free nightclub entry or cheap drinks. The Belagio fountains were spectacular, as always. But far better with excited squealing from the family – my wife the loudest. So good we stayed for a second song. The volcano at Mirage was impressively lifelike. The size and majesty of The Forum in Caesars Palace was incredible. The Venetian had some many famous landmarks of Venice you might even think you were there – except The Venetian is too well maintained. No crumbling plaster or worn steps. No walkways across St Marks Square to keep tourists out of the flooding.

But the highlight of the weekend was Cirque du Soleil. The tickets cost more than our suite at the Luxor but they were worth it. The mix of comedy, elegant dance, weird costumes and amazing athletic prowess was perfectly balanced over the course of 90 minutes of breathtaking action. So what were the audience of several thousand people thinking when they watched the two guys perform a spell binding strong man act? These guys were not in the 20’s, but closer to 40. There were visible gasps at some of their moves. If you need a lesson on the anatomy of muscle groups you had it right there. Or alternatively you could watch The Chippendales or Thunder from Down Under.

For some, probably most of the audience, based on their waistlines, their reaction to the show was, “Wow! Very impressive. I could never do that. Those guys are so lucky to have such natural talents”. They left the show and went out for a large burger, fries and chocolate milkshake. And a discussion about their next big win in the casino.

For another, far smaller group they watched the show and resolved to get even fitter. Enrol at the gym or take a course like P90X. It was a call to action. If not now then when?

For the kids in the audience, how many resolved to run away and join the circus? Or at least they learnt some new tricks to try on the trampoline?

Which group would you fall into?

If you need some clues watch the Cirque du Soleil video highlights


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