Ken McGee, VP and Gartner  Fellow, gave a very strong case in his keynote at the Gartner BPM Summit for why “now is the time” for BPM and BI.

The Gartner BPM conference had the highest level of attendance ever, but what was also palpable was the enthusiasm. With a growing backdrop of regulatory compliance in clients, BPM is becoming far more important and is now a Board level agenda item. This is being reflected the scale and scope of projects being presented by clients and the resulting ROI stories.  For example, Carphone Warehouse won a BPM Excellence Award for Leveraging BPM Technology and their ROI for the first year was 1100%.

But many projects are unable to show the true ROI as they don’t have the raw data, because they haven’t implemented BI effectively. So for some companies that BPM initiaitive is a leap of faith as I talked about in my blog  Harry Potter and the Leap of Faith Not that it should stop companies looking to implement BPM.

So how does BPM and BI fit together?

Firstly BPM is giving a context for BI. Mapping of a business process will drive out the correct metrics to be collected, rather than those most easily collected. This was discussed in my article published by BP Trends called Leading vs Lagging indicators.

Secondly, BPMS systems are providing a valuable data feed into BI systems as it is realtime data enabling for faster and more accurate decisions to be made.

The challenge for organisations is to make the groups implementing BI and BPM talk to each other and recognise the value each can bring to the other.

In terms of sequence; Is it BI or BPM first?

We are seeing those organisations who have implemented BI having a better view of performance shortcomings, and using BPM to improve them. This often identifies a need to change the BI system to collect different metrics, which means reimplementing BI.

Those that start with BPM can, in parallel, identify the business activities and the supporting metrics which are required from the BI system. So do it only once.

What is interesting is that BPM is rapidly gathering momentum and is a valuable partner to BI.

3 thoughts on “BPM and BI have strong future together says Gartner #BI #BPM

  1. The BPM and BI pairing is key for the reasons you give. In addition, every executive-level initiative needs to have a scorecard. A great example would be the UPS green initiative that has many points of data collection at the C-level that need to have traceability down to employee behavior at all levels of the organization. By managing process down to the employee activity-level metric, there is a visibility up and down the chain that allows for far more transparent and measurable adoption. I cover this in pretty pictures here:

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