I get to do all the best things. Things I love doing. Things that I am great at.Like standing on stage.

But best of all, each year I get to be Producer of the Nimbus’ global user conference, called Inspiring Performance.  In about March we start to get a venue and a date together and start identifying the clients who have asked to speak.

And then I get to ask “How to we move the game on? How do we break the rules? How do we beat last year?”  For those of you who attended Inspiring Performance 2010 you will remember the truly inspirational improv group The May Days for rounded the day off with a brilliant performance. So how do we top that?

This year we are throwing an exclusive back-stage party after the conference. So my obvious question was – “How do we make sure it is a party and not a boring ‘flat beer and curled sandwiches‘ event, and make it truly memorable”.  Ans: “An inspiring band.”

Having watched Naturally7 in concert in London a few years back I made a mental note that someday we would be able to afford to book them. They have performed with Michael Buble, on sell out world tours and the Royal Variety Performance.  Why are they inspirational?  Because they are a rock band with no instruments. Called Vocal Play or Capella, they imitate instruments with just their voices. Quite incredible.

Sadly tickets are going to be limited to delegates of Inspiring Performance, and few close friends.  Now is the time to see who your friends are…..


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