This is an amazing piece of ad-libbing, based on a huge mistake (ie he forgets his lines), puppets fall apart, but it turns out to be better than the original script.

What can those who present in business learn from this:

  • no such thing as failure, only feedback
  • effective use of silence
  • you don’t need a script, slides but props and a general direction
  • confidence is everything – don’t panic when things go wrong
  • the audience wants you to succeed

One thought on “Awesome presentation… when mistakes make it better #presentation #improv

  1. Oh my gosh!

    Thank you so much for posting that! Brought a few hearty gaffaws into a chuckless day!

    And you are so right! This air of nonplussed Jeff Durham showed is what to strive for – in a Yoda kind of way.

    From a presentation kind of critique perspective:
    ~ Comfortably. One could say also that Jeff Durham was so comfortable with his material (the puppets personalities) that he could rumble on non-scripted. It behooves you to be able to talk up a storm about your topic – know it inside and out. Fuzzy hair on top or not.
    ~ Be in the moment. Yes, Jeff Durham lost his way. But he was able to sell the product (that his puppets are funny) – because he was in touch with what was happening – as it happened, And he remained very aware of what was happening right there. Right then. His surroundings. The people. Masterful.
    ~ The Point. The point is not that anyone has “screwed up” – things happen – people know that. The point of your presentation is to educate your audience about something – don’t lose sight of that because the projector stops working. Just change strides. Tell them in a different way.

    I do try to be Zenish as much as possible.- because script or no script whenever you find yourself that’s the moment you are in. Remember the people around you are part of that moment. Engagement is part of being connected.

    Great job of pulling up lessons to learn from or inspire us in non-prescribed places.
    @MadelineHere & @PersudePresent

    PS There is a new Linkedin Group called “Persuasive Presentations” open to everyone on the topic – please come post!

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