For many, a hobby is more about buying the equipment and participating, rather than excelling at it. I see that at weekends in Northern California where rather overweight guys in lycra stretched to the limit ride around on the lightest carbon racing bikes on the market. Surely a change of diet would be better than buying a carbon seat post which saves 10g of weight.  On the bright side, at least they are out getting some exercise whcih I applaud. But often it is about making changes in a number of areas to get the best results.

I saw a recent  comment on Facebook “I am buying a new bike to get fit”.  One of the responses sums it up- “To get fit you should buy an old bike”

So is the same true in business? Do we layer procedures and workarounds and automated systems on top of broken processes rather than get back to basics and fix the underlying problems. The back to basics approach often requires more effort and feels more painful in the short term, but the benefits are vast; reduced costs, better transparency, less complication which ultimately leads to less staff frustration.

So, to get to the point which started this whole blog. The world of photography is dominated by hugely capable digital cameras and Photoshop making it easy to get caught up in the technology. Which is why a brilliant eBook has come out which emplores people to get back to basics and has some invaluable advice. It is free, will save you money on equipment and will dramatically improve your photography. Following his advice, armed with only with a camera phone you could probably take more stunning pictures than Joe Punter with the latest top end Nikon or Canon.

The eBook is called Going Candid and the free download is here.



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