Everyone is making predictions at the moment.Tricky when we are going through the greatest market turmoil that I have experienced in the last 15 years of running Nimbus, and probably in the last 30 years in business.  Nevertheless, here goes.

  • Senior executives will realise that BPM is strategic to their organisation as they look for double whammy of improved effectiveness and reduced cost against a backdrop of greater regulatory compliance.


  • BPM will still be a confusing term used by analysts, software vendors and clients (business and IT) to mean different things – and this sadly will not change.
  • Business will get more engaged in speficiying and delivering BPM projects alongside IT, or without the support of knowledge of IT due to Cloud BPM offerings. ROI can become RBI (return before investment) as spped to benefits gets quicker.


  • All this said there will be no BPM Tornado (a la Geoffrey Moore) much to the anquish of the smaller software vendors who desperately need to be able to drive larger more profitable sales. Consequently we will see an acceleration of the current consolidation, some companies acquired from a position of strength and some fire sales.


  • So 2012 could be a good year for software vendors if they have a truly differentiated offering which delivers benefit and fills an urgent need (ie compliance). But truly awful, or terminal if not.
  • 2012 should be a good year for clients who have senior management that embrace BPM. Market/economy pressures and regulation will drive up the profile and importance of BPM projects, which is great for careers. Cloud and competition will drive down the cost of BPM technology whic his great for ROI.
  • 2012 is not the year for launching a new BPM technology product, nor is 2013 or 2014. There is enough technology already available for clients from large established, and therefore lower risk, vendors.



5 thoughts on “BPM predictions for 2012 #bpm

  1. Ian, interesting that now that Nimbus has been acquired by TIBCO, it is suddenly risky to go with a smaller vendor? Was that you opinion also last year? This is a lot of FUD …
    What if TIBCO suddenly feels that Nimbus isn’t the great money maker and dumps it? Has happened more than once after mergers. So good look with that in 2012. Regards, Max

    1. Max

      It is always risky going with a smaller vendor. When Nimbus was independent it was often a hurdle when working with the worlds largest multi-nationals who were making a major commitment. Post acquisition a number of our clients expressed relief and said how much easier it is for them to work with us. Not FUD, but FACT.

  2. Ian. Could I add one: “BPM enhances the assessment and management of risk in safety-critical and financial-services sectors”.

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