The recent question posed by eBizQ, What is the biggest challenge facing BPM right now? got some great comments.

The challenge as I see it is focus / relevance / interest.

I was keynote speaker at an event billed as ‘one of the USA’s most important BPM events’ – 500 attendees.  Gartner gets fewer 1,000 at their US BPM Summit. In contrast Dreamforce (Salesforce’s PAID annual user event) gets 25,000 delegates.

TIBCO‘s annual revenues are nudging $1bn. Add together the revenues of the other BPM vendors and you will not get to $5bn. This is less than SAP’s revenue, and Salesforce’s revenue in the next 3 years if you believe Marc Benioff.

Yet BPM is relevant and critical to the effective operation of every company on the planet.

So why the ambivolence to BPM?  Is it too broad, too nebulous, too undefined. Maybe it is just been around too long and is just too boring?  Or perhaps it is tarnished and there is ‘Process Prejudice’ as the video in the Process Descrimination shows.


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