Social media applications in the enterprise are now taking on much of the functionality that you see in the consumer world.  But they have a far different role to play.

Social for consumers is about chatting with mates and generally keeping in touch. But in the business world it is about getting the job done more easily, faster or more effectively, tapping into unrecognized skills, and collaborating with team across time zones and organizational barriers.

So what is interesting is the evolution of social tools in the enterprise.  They are drawing on streams from people but also systems and applications. Subjects, or context, is a key organizing approach. Simply looking at your ‘wall’  rapidly becomes overwhelming.

Whilst not every company is advanced in its thinking or implementation of social software, there are companies now exploiting these capabilities. And seeing tangible results.  This is now fueling the interest from those companies who have yet to take the plunge.

But with every technology those at the forefront of its use are pushing the vendors with new ideas for future functionality. One of these ideas is geolocation.

What if your device (tablet, phone) knew where you are – and then pushed feeds of information that are relevant.  Scary. Big brother. Or really useful.  Here is a video which shows how it can be used in practice. This is real life, not techno-future-ware.

How could your industry use geolocation?


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